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Accounting & Tax Source Inc. ( was the worst place we could've filed our taxes. First, they waited until they had our info. and did our taxes to disclose their charge of $468. You would think that paying almost $500 that you'd get your money back in a timely manner.

Well, we didn't. That was a month ago, and still no money. They messed our paperwork up and we had to call the IRS on a daily basis to fix their mistakes. They won't even return my phone calls. My husband has to continually go by the office.

Even then he's given the run-around. The IRS informed us that a deposit has already been made, but they had it deposited into their account instead of my husband's. They supposedly had an issue putting it into his but that makes no sense b/c we verified the acct and routing number.

I'm currently in the process of having them investigated for fraudulent activities. Please spare yourself all the headache and trouble and do not use their services.

We wouldn't have been so pressed for our taxes, but we (my husband, myself and our 3 kids)are currently living in a hotel and really need this money so we can move (which was why we had our taxes expedited through the IRS, only for them to mess up our paperwork). This has been a mess and I pray that we get our money soon...

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Wow, look at their webpage ... you actually used these people for your taxes? haha

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